Beretta Ultralight



686 Ultralight: Featherweight 12-Gauge Shotgun for Serious Upland Hunters

The 686 Ultralight offers full-featured 12-gauge over-under performance in an extremely lightweight package, making it perfect for the most demanding upland hunts. At 5.95 lbs, it weighs less than a typical 20-gauge, which means that hunters on the move who have to wade through knee-deep marshy grounds or thigh-deep long grass won’t have to worry about the extra fatigue.

But while light, this shotgun does not compromise in balance, strength and durablity; this is made possible by Beretta’s half-millennium of experience selecting and working with the best metals for the intended purpose. Available with a 2 ¾” chamber and with either 26” or 28” barrels, the 686 Ultralight is a shotgun for serious hunters who demand perfect balance while wanting to shave off weight.

Best Balance, Handling

The Ultralight’s receiver is machined from a single block of light, yet remarkably strong aircraft-quality aluminium alloy, specially heat-treated to deliver the strength and durability of steel – but with 65% less weight.This is the heart of the shotgun. The rest was built around it to maximize handling and pointing capability as well as (of course) that unmistakable Beretta balance. If you place your finger under the action’s hinge-pin, this is where the 686 Ultralight will balance: it comes up to the shoulder like a dream, while your supporting hand will still feel a certain “liveliness” from the forward portion of the fore-end and barrels. As with any 680-family Beretta shotgun, the whole is designed to let your eye and supporting hand act in perfect concert as they lead you to the target.


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