Black Pheasant 260 Clay Trap



~ 2 Second recock time
~ Holds 260 Clay targets
~ 0-45 degress aerial throw
~ Options to add the wobbler kit, trolley, wireless remote controls and more..


Black Pheasant clay trap

~This clay pigeon trap will hold 260 standard clays, perfect for clubs and group shooters.~Aluminum (black painted) Aviation plate for consistant target placement

~The throwing distance is 75-90m, this can be derestricted for beginners.

~Ultra smooth and efficient foot pedal release with a 12m cable. Can be extended by adding a 2 core cable extension. A popular upgrade is to a wireless system.

~This trap has an adjustable angle (up/down) of 0-45 degree.

~This machine will only currently take standard clays.

~Weight 35kgs (without clays)


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